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Office partitioning is one of our core services. We provide a complete service from design to installation. Call us today or click below to get an online quote.

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Partitioning Systems by CIS Ltd

Contract Interior Systems have many years’ experience in the supply and install of partitioning systems for use in different scenarios. There are a number of systems available ranging from the basic H50 Demountable Partition to our higher-end Frameless Glazed Partition System – all of which can accommodate the changing needs of the modern office environment. We provide a professional service with full client involvement to get the best value, service and finish possible.

Demountable Partitions

Our most adaptable partitioning system - easy to decorate and has varying options available.

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Drywall Office Partitions

Drywall Office Partitioning is a good option for many areas, especially when a higher acoustic system is required.

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Fire Rated Partitioning

Fire Rated Partitioning is designed with fire protection properties.

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Frameless Glass Partitioning

Frameless glass partitioning is a modern and clean looking system. Ideal for new and old office fit outs and refurbishments.

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Glazed Office Partitioning

Glazed office partitions are ideal to divide office space whilst maintaining an open-plan feeling.

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Hygienic Partitioning

Hygienic partitioning is ideal for cleanrooms, hospitals and labs.

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Industrial Partitioning

Industrial Partitioning is ideal for large commercial spaces and production areas.

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Sliding Partitioning

Moveable walls and sliding partitions are an excellent way of dividing rooms with the maximum flexibility.

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